Necessary Forms

For students to participate in any of the following events, they are required to have an up-to-date medical informational and permission form. This form will give us any legal and medical information we may need in case of an emergency.


Coming events

Summer Schedule

July 11: Dorney Park

8:00 AM-10:00 PM. Meet at CMBC. Cost: $40, $20 deposit due at sign-up (July 1).

July 18: Hangout at the church

6:45-8:15 PM. 

July 25: Laser Tag at Adventure Sports, Hershey

5-9 PM. Meet at CMBC. Cost: $15.00.

Aug 1: Pool party Shivery's

7-8:30 PM. If you need a ride, meet at the church 6:30-8:45 PM.

Aug 8: Miniature Golf at Village Greens

6-9 PM. Meet at CMBC. Cost: $7.50.

Aug 15: Top Secret

6-9 PM at CMBC.

Aug 22: Game night with First Baptist Church of Pequea.

6-9 PM. Meet at CMBC.

Aug 29: Opening Big Bash—first night of Youth Group!

6:45-8:15 PM.


Click here to download the schedule and participation form.

Students must have a current CMBC Health Form OR a 2018 CMBC Youth Summer Schedule Participation Form.

If weather causes us to change our plans, our new plans will be announced on our CMBC Youth social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.