2017 Summer Missions Trips


Our teams are beginning to prepare for our 2017 summer missions trips and they covet your prayers! Check out our progress with fundraising:

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2017 Philadelphia Missions Trip

Judea Trip – Philadelphia, PA

Dates: June 18-24, 2017
Requirements: Must be in at least 8th grade

This summer's Judea trip is to the City of Brotherly Love! Philadelphia boasts of being the first of many things: first public school, public library, volunteer fire company, and hospital. More famously, it is the site of the signing of the United States Constitution. Like many cities, Philadelphia struggles with homelessness and poverty. An estimated 40% of the city lives in poverty with around 7,000 homeless.

During our trip, we will serve with Center for Student Missions (CSM). Students will be introduced to poverty and the problems in the city that contribute to that poverty. They will also learn firsthand what it means to truly love and serve as Jesus. If you would like to learn more about CSM, check out the CSM Philadelphia page.



2017 Santiago Missions Trip

Ends of the Earth Trip – Santiago, Dominican Republic

Dates: July 20-29
Requirements: Must have completed a Judea trip

This summer we will be returning to Santiago, Dominican Republic. The Dominican was founded in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. It shares an island with Haiti. Santiago contains about 1 million people, about one tenth of the entire country. Financially, the Dominican people face many troubles. The Dominican peso currently equals .022 American dollars. Their minimum wage works out to about $180 American dollars/month.

We will again serve with Rich and Holly Vallette. The Vallettes have been serving in the Dominican since the mid-90's. In their time there, they have helped plant two churches that are now run by the local people. The first of these churches is in a poor community that often needs some help from missions teams. The Vallettes have also had the opportunity to spread the Gospel through Rich's connections in the sports world, serving as the chaplain for several Dominican sports teams over the years.



CMBC Youth Missions Strategy


The purpose of the CMBC Youth Missions Teams is to initiate life-change in students as they grow in their understanding and practice of evangelism while impacting others for Christ. Students will be stretched to learn more about Jesus and themselves as they are taken out of their comfort zone to meet needs, both physical and spiritual, and build relationships. As they learn how to minister in cultures other than their own, they will be challenged to practice evangelism in their everyday lives.

Jerusalem Projects

Jerusalem Projects

Jerusalem projects will be provided throughout the year to serve and train locally (mainly Lancaster and Chester counties). These service projects and training experiences will be open to all students. Examples include attending Vision Conference and serving at the Point, the Factory, or a Retreat Within a Retreat (RWR).

Judea TripsJudea Trips

A Judea trip is a prerequisite to Samaria or Ends of the Earth trips. It will be a trip to give students training and various evangelism and missions exposure. The Judea trip will be a domestic trip outside of the Lancaster and surrounding counties, preferable within an urban setting. Judea trips will be offered on an annual basis, unless otherwise necessary. Recently we have partnered with Center for Student Missions, a missions organization that is based in cities across America and focuses on serving the least.

Samaria TripsSamaria Trips

Samaria trips will focus on meeting a physical need through various service ministries. Samaria trips will be within the United States, outside of PA, generally to poverty stricken areas or those hit by natural disaster. To participate in a Samaria trip, students must have previously attended a Judea trip. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, Samaria trips will be offered every other year, opposite Ends of the Earth trips.

Ends of the Earth TripsEnds of the Earth Trips

Ends of the Earth trips will focus on personal ministry, providing the opportunity to share Christ through life-on-life interaction. Ends of the Earth trips will be to an international location where we will partner with a missionary to build relationships and impact a community through recurring trips. To participate in an Ends of the Earth trip, students must have previously attended a Judea trip. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, Ends of the Earth trips will be offered every other year, opposite Samaria trips. Currently, we partner with Rich and Holly Vallette, who serve with Crossworld in Santiago, Dominican Republic.


For more information on our missions strategy, including information about requirements, application, pre-trip training, and fundraising, see the CMBC Youth Missions Teams brochure.


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