Steps to Membership

What is church membership?

Although “official membership” is not found in Scripture, the idea of being a regular, integral part of a church fellowship is indicated throughout the Bible. It is not an option. It is mandatory for the kind of healthy spiritual life God intends. (1 Cor. 12:27)

Here are some ways to get integrated into the fellowship at CMBC.

  • Attend a First Connections lunch.

    These lunches are a chance for you to get to know CMBC pastors and leadership in a relaxed, informal environment. You can ask any questions you may have regarding life at CMBC.
  • Attend the “Exploring CMBC” class.

    This 4-week class is normally offered once a year during the ABF hour (9:45-10:45) on Sunday mornings and is for those desiring to know more about CMBC or intending to join. These classes are required for membership.
  • Click here to download and read the “Becoming a Member” booklet. If you wish to become a member and have completed the “Exploring CMBC” membership class, fill out the form at the back of the booklet and turn in to the church office.