Every week, I would like to share with you a round up of links to articles and videos that have resonated with me in some particular way.  It is important that you realize that I am not endorsing everything in these articles or videos but I share them with you as a way for you to see what has engaged my thinking and caught my attention online through the week.  Some of the links are related to current events, some are related to current realities facing the church, some are just cool and random facts that you may or may not have known.

 -Pastor Chris Lenhart

Link Roundup 9-24-18

Current Reads

  • “What is the Gospel” by Greg Gilbert
  • “Expository Exultation” by John Piper
  • “Love Thy Body” by Nancy Pearcey


  • Parenting our Daughters toward Godliness not Marriage
    “That’s why my true north in this season has been Jesus’ words to the Pharisees, that all of the Law and the Prophets depend, not on marriage or a master’s degree, but on the commands to love God and love neighbor. So because, to quote Jen Wilkin, the heart cannot love what the mind does not know, I will continue to encourage my daughter to deepen her knowledge of God by deepening her knowledge of his word, his world, and the work he’s done in it through the people he’s made in his image. I will help her to know her gifts and help her grow in them. I will continually remind her what family is and what it means to love and serve them—not just the one she’s grown up in, but the one she’s united to through Christ. I won’t promise her a marriage outside of the one John writes about in Revelation.” 

  • The Unattainable Perfection of Millennials
    “The young adults of the Millennial generation are showing a higher rate of mental problems than previous generations.  A study says that the problem is perfectionism and their inability to attain it.”

  • On Loving our Prodigals
    “When dealing with those wandering away from the faith, we must recognize that sometimes they’ll not start evaluating the deep questions of their lives until they find themselves in a situation where they don’t know what to do. We must be the sort of parents and grandparents and churches who have kept open every possible connection, so that our prodigals will know how to get back home, and know we’ll meet them at the road, already planning a homecoming party.”

  • Gay Rights, Hate Speech & Hospitality
    I have read some of Rosaria’s works. She has become one of the premier voices in the fight for a biblical perspective of personhood and sexuality. We cannot compromise, and we must not hide behind closed doors, this is a matter that we must engage from a sound biblical mindset. As believers who are being transformed by the renewing of our minds, we must be ready to proclaim with great confidence and hope, Jesus has a better way. 
    “And the best way for God’s people to say “no” to unbiblical reflections of personhood and intersectionality is to say “yes” to biblical hospitality. When you gather around the table with your perceived cultural enemy, not once, but weekly, you show that culture is not king. Jesus is. Ask good questions and listen to people’s answers. Perhaps you could start with this one: Do you believe that what is true determines what is ethical, or do you believe that what is ethical determines what is true?”

  • The Unlikely Endurance of Christian Rock
    This is a fabulous read on the endurance and history of Christian rock. I had not realized that Francis Schaeffer had such an influence on Larry Norman. Christian rock and Christian music in general have endured through a rather peculiar history. Perhaps the reason that Norman never fully embraced the, “Christian Music” label, was because he realized both the theological and moral dilemma that the sacred/secular split could eventually cause in the mind of the believer?

  • What would happen if every human being on earth suddenly disappeared? (Video)
    In case you ever were curious, this video speculates on what would happen if every human being were to suddenly disappear. Bugs, mice, lizards & invasive plants in abundance.

  • The Dynamics of Truth & Love
    “Christians are to grow into Christlikeness. That is the good goal toward which God is working all things together in our live (Romans 8:28-29). It would be helpful for us to consider, then, what Jesus Christ is like, especially in the way that He displays the virtues of truth and love.”

  • A Day in the Life of a Roman Soldier (Video)
    This video gives you insight into the daily life of the Roman soldier. The Roman soldiers were the predominant fighting force in the days of Jesus. Jesus interacted with Roman soldiers often. This video gives insights into how the ranks were defined and organized, as well as what a typical day might hold for someone who had dedicated his life to the service of the Emperor.  

  • Pray for China
    The reality of what has happened in China to the body of Zion Church should serve as a reminder to us all that our religious freedom is not something granted to us by a government. Our religious freedoms, as we enjoy them today, could be stripped away tomorrow. As the church in China stands under immense government persecution we should be consistent in our prayers for our brothers and sisters in Christ who live there. Soberly, we must also remember that Jesus can use these circumstances to build His church in miraculous and powerful ways. Pray with me throughout this week for China. 

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