Christmas Conspiracy

It seems there are really two narratives at Christmas - two stories. One is the story from the Bible of a virgin giving birth to the Son of God. That story is all about Jesus. The other is a cultural narrative with little or nothing to do with Jesus. It just uses Jesus for consumption. It is about gifts, stuff, family, food, and celebration.

Our goal is to make your Christmas about Jesus. Among all the joys and busyness of the season, let's together make Christ central as we enjoy Christmas.

A Conspiracy of Suffering SERIES A Conspiracy of Suffering

December 28, 2014
Pastor Bryan Sanders

Christmas Worship Service SERIES Christmas Worship Service

December 21, 2014
Pastor Bryan Sanders

The Incarnation Conspiracy SERIES The Incarnation Conspiracy

December 14, 2014
Pastor Ben Armstrong

Worship Fully SERIES Worship Fully

December 7, 2014
Pastor Bryan Sanders