James: Faith / Working

The Gospel makes it clear that salvation is by faith alone, not by our good works. However, the book of James teaches us that true faith produces good works. The book of James is one of the most practical books in the Bible, taking on real life issues and struggles that we all face in our spiritual walk.

Faith at Work SERIES Faith at Work

July 24, 2016
(part 10)
Pastor Bryan Sanders

Rich Man - Poor Man SERIES Rich Man - Poor Man

July 17, 2016
(part 9)
Pastor Jim Davis

Faith that Works SERIES Faith that Works

July 10, 2016
(part 8)
Pastor Bryan Sanders

From Worldliness to Godliness SERIES From Worldliness to Godliness

July 3, 2016
(part 7)
Pastor Ben Armstrong

Practical Advice SERIES Practical Advice

June 26, 2016
(part 6)
Pastor Tom Hubbard

Hearers or Doers SERIES Hearers or Doers

June 19, 2016
(part 5)
Pastor Bryan Sanders

Good & Angry SERIES Good & Angry

June 5, 2016
(part 4)
Pastor Bryan Sanders

Victory over Temptation SERIES Victory over Temptation

May 29, 2016
(part 3)
Pastor Bryan Sanders

Finances & Favoritism SERIES Finances & Favoritism

May 22, 2016
(part 2)
Pastor Bryan Sanders

Faith Working Through our Trials SERIES Faith Working Through our Trials

May 15, 2016
(part 1)
Pastor Bryan Sanders

Gems from James SERIES Gems from James

May 1, 2016
Pastor Bryan Sanders