I Love My CMBC

CMBC isn't just a building or a weekly gathering. It's a family where God changes lives and people take their next steps. This series will examine the four pillars that make us...well, us! Together we must remain passionate and unified in our love for: Christ - Mission - Bible - Community. With this as our foundation, despite the inevitable problems we may face, Jesus says "the gates of hell will not prevail" and the best is yet to come!

Welcome to our House SERIES Welcome to our House

August 21, 2016
(part 4)
Pastor Bryan Sanders

What's Your Foundation? SERIES What's Your Foundation?

August 14, 2016
(part 3)
Pastor Tom Hubbard

Witnesses SERIES Witnesses

August 7, 2016
(part 2)
Pastor Ben Armstrong

Do You Love Me? SERIES Do You Love Me?

July 31, 2016
(part 1)
Pastor Jim Davis