Global Ministries

“The true measure of a church is not in its size, but in reaching every nation.”

CMBC has a long tradition of being a “missions-minded” church. We have supported many missionaries over the years; currently we support over 30 global partners, both in the US, and around the world. 

Each year since at least 1969 (50+ years), our church has held a Missions Conference, which for the last many years has been an 8-day long conference. Our 2023 Global Outreach Conference is planned for March 12-19! The theme this year is "Every Nation, Tribe, and Language." Contact the church office for a schedule (, 717-442-8161).

As a result of such a strong emphasis on global outreach, there have been many full-time missionaries raised up from within our own church family. Currently there are 20 (singles or couples) who grew up at, or have strong ties to, Calvary Monument Bible Church who are now serving as global partners around the world.

The CMBC family is encouraged by the strong interest by some of our present young people who are planning on full-time global ministry.

For more information about CMBC's missions ministry, email our Missions Secretary or click here to read our Missionary Policy booklet

Global Ministries Team

  • Deb Masters

  • Dan Bailey

    Missions Committee Chairman

  • Doug Denlinger

  • Ken Diller

  • Josh Gallant

  • Earline Oberholtzer

  • Melanie Ritzman

  • Chrissy Stoltzfus

  • Vernon Wright

Our Global Partner Family

“The success of a church is not in its size, but in making disciples.”


Here are those from CMBC who have stepped outside our walls and are serving through missions around the world, and others we support in the mission field. Please note – for security reasons we are not able to list those serving in restricted areas.

Active Partners

  • Emmanuel & Alice

    West Africa

  • Anna


  • Craig & Debbie


  • Mindy


  • Bill & Kristie


  • Carl & CIndy


  • Jim


  • BOb & Lina

    Central America

  • LISA


  • Ron & Hildegard


  • Andy & Tina

    Central America

  • Jim & Emily


  • Brandon & samantha

    Central America

  • Jeff & Anne


  • Tara


  • Kyle & Rebecca


  • Jason & Jonie


  • Laura


  • John & Judy


  • David & MIchelle


  • Terri


  • Emily

    South Asia

  • Bud & Barb


  • Dan


  • Mark & Estella

    Pacific Islands

  • John & Annette


CMBC also supports a number of local and global ministries:

  • Child Evangelism Fellowship of Lancaster County (Paradise & Salisbury Elementary Good News Clubs)
  • Lancaster Bible College (missions scholarship fund)
  • Moldova Kindergarten/Day Care in Moldova
  • Tomorrow Clubs International in Ukraine
  • Zaporozhye Bible College in Ukraine.