Every week, I would like to share with you a round up of links to articles and videos that have resonated with me in some particular way. It is important that you realize that I am not endorsing everything in these articles, videos, or sites but I share them with you as a way for you to see what has engaged my thinking and caught my attention online through the week. Some of the links are related to current events, some are related to current realities facing the church, some are just cool and random facts that you may or may not have known.

 -Pastor Chris Lenhart

Link Roundup 6-30-20

Suggested Reading: "Gentle and Lowly" by Dane Ortlund

July Memory Verse: Psalm 121:1-2
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  • How Racism Hinders Global Missions
    Wow! Matt and Leann are good friends of ours. Matt has been training global workers through OMF for several years. In this article, Matt opens our eyes to the reality of racism as a global issue, and from his cross-cultural lens he shares how he has witnessed a form of racism in his efforts of global discipleship.

  • Unreached People Group of the Day: Rajput Ponwar people of India
    With a population of 1,228,000, the Rajput Ponwar people inhabit the north central and northeast parts of India. There are no people within this group that identify as evangelical Christians. In fact, most recent stats observe that 100% of the population adheres to some form of Hinduism. Pray that the Lord would send global workers to advance the gospel among the Rajput Ponwar peoples.

  • White, Black, and Blue: Christians Disagree over Policing
    Black Christians overwhelmingly say police treatment is biased against them. Why don’t white evangelicals believe them?

  • Systemic Racism, God's Grace, and the Human Heart: What the Bible teaches about Structural Sin
    “Sin corrupts every institution and every system because, one way or another, sinful human beings are involved. This means that laws, policies, habits, and customs are also corrupted by sin. We are called to do everything within our power to expunge sin from the structures of our society. Christians know that the justice of God demands that we do so. At the same time, we cannot accept that the structural manifestations of sin are the heart of the problem. No, the heart of the problem is found in the sinfulness of the individual human heart.”

  • A Day for Lament at the Supreme Court
    Recent decisions in the Supreme Court leave little hope for our country to ever break free from the plague of endless murder. Life is precious and should be protected, always. In a 5-4 ruling, with the Chief Justice John Roberts delivering the swing vote, a Louisiana law which provided slightly more protection for unborn children has been struck down. Let us all pause for lament.

  • Complementarians in Closed Rooms
    Aimee Byrd, Beth Moore, and private words that reveal a pressing problem.

  • A Letter to My Brothers
    “I’m asking for your increased awareness of some of the skewed attitudes many of your sisters encounter. Many churches quick to teach submission are often slow to point out that women were also among the followers of Christ (Luke 8), that the first recorded word out of His resurrected mouth was “woman” (John 20:15) and that same woman was the first evangelist. Many churches wholly devoted to teaching the household codes are slow to also point out the numerous women with whom the Apostle Paul served and for whom he possessed obvious esteem. We are fully capable of grappling with the tension the two spectrums create and we must if we’re truly devoted to the whole counsel of God’s Word.”

  • Must Women be Silent in Church?
    I appreciate this insight from 9marks, especially how the author directs the application of 1 Timothy 2:12 toward corporate gatherings (when the entire body is gathered in one place together). How can we encourage the development of the gift of teaching, which is given to both men and women alike, while honoring God’s design for headship?

  • Why Expository Preaching?
    There are many different preaching styles and methods, but most all fall under the two broader umbrellas of topical and expository. Why does CMBC prefer the method and mode of expository preaching over topical preaching?

  • Podcast Interview: God's Faithfulness over 49+ years of Ministry
    Today is Pastor Tom’s official LAST DAY! With retirement now set before him, we sat down and discussed how Pastor Tom experienced the faithfulness of God over 49+ years of ministry. If you missed this podcast, now is the time to give it a listen!

  • Like Rain in the Fields
    Gathering in our building once again, after such a long time away, brings a range of new thinking and fresh feelings.

  • Newsong Tuesday: There was Jesus
    Check out this fabulous work from Zach Williams. You might recognize the female accompaniment as Dolly Parton joins Zach in this song reminding us of Jesus’ continual presence in our lives.

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It is important that you realize that I am not endorsing everything in these articles, videos, or sites but I share them with you as a way for you to see what has engaged my thinking and caught my attention online through the week. Some of the links are related to current events, some are related to current realities facing the church, some are just cool and random facts that you may or may not have known.

 -Pastor Chris Lenhart

Discipleship Toolbox

Spiritual Growth

Our desire is to develop fully devoted followers of Christ who make disciples. In light of that vision, we are very passionate about helping every person who attends CMBC to take their next step. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, there is always another step to take towards being fully devoted in your following of Christ. There is no one prescription for spiritual growth because everyone is different. But there are some basic areas to consider. It is our desire that each person intentionally participates with God and others in this transforming process. We invite you to consider what’s offered at CMBC and how that may be used by God to mature you in the faith.

Daily Bible Reading

We believe that reading God's Word, the Bible, daily is vitally important and absolutely necessary for spiritual growth. There are many different devotionals and guides for helping you read and apply the Bible, and we encourage you to find something that works for you. Here are a few suggestions:

Preparing for Baptism

Baptism is important, but it is not salvation. Baptism should be among the first steps of a new believer’s walk in obedience to the Lord. This booklet will help you more thoroughly understand baptism.

Steps to Membership

What is church membership? Although “official membership” is not found in Scripture, the idea of being a regular, integral part of a church fellowship is indicated throughout the Bible. It is not an option. It is mandatory for the kind of healthy spiritual life God intends. (1 Cor. 12:27)


Here are some ways to get integrated into the fellowship at CMBC.

  • Attend the “Exploring CMBC” class. This 4-week class is normally offered once a year during the ABF hour (9:45-10:45) on Sunday mornings and is for those desiring to know more about CMBC or intending to join. These classes are required for membership.
  • Click here to download and read the “Becoming a Member” booklet. If you wish to become a member and have completed the “Exploring CMBC” membership class, fill out the form at the back of the booklet and turn in to the church office.

The Story

The Bible is the story of God’s love for you. A love that goes beyond what we as humans can fathom. And because it is a story about the relationship between God and humans, it is sometimes painful. But there are times when hope is evident and God’s love is victorious.


The purpose of the story is to introduce us to Jesus Christ and his victory over sin and death. The story is complete in one verse which many of us know – John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”


But there’s more to the story. Listen and allow The Story to change your heart and life...thestoryfilm.com