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About Us

Welcome to CMBC! We are a body of Christ-followers giving God the glory for what Jesus has accomplished on our behalf. We desire for you to know the great depths of love available to you in Jesus. Our hope is fixed on the good and eternal purposes of God; we are seeking to grow in a greater love for him and a greater love for each other. We invite you to come celebrate, be thankful, and grow together with us!

Compelled by the example of Jesus, CMBC is committed to making disciples who love, live, and lead for God’s glory. The evidence that God is at work within and beyond our walls is seen when we are growing in love, first for God, then for one another. The trellis image illustrates the way we pursue spiritual growth within our faith community.

If you would like to get to know us a little better, below are links that will direct you to more information. First, our Statement of Faith, which outlines the doctrinal commitments of our faith community. Then, a link to our Bylaws which communicates our governing priorities and practices. We would love to meet you! To start a dialogue with us, please email cmbc@calvarymonument.org.


Statement of Faith