Why We All Need to Journey Through Grief

Seeing and seizing the opportunities surrounding our upcoming seminar

Pastor Chris Lenhart | October 6, 2021

“It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for this is the end of all mankind, and the living will lay it to heart.” Ecclesiastes 7:2


Life brings seasons of grief, loss, and mourning. If we haven’t endured or experienced them yet, at one point or another, on this side of Heaven, we all will. Our upcoming seminar advances a myriad of opportunities to demonstrate our love for God and one another by growing in our ability to care for ourselves in seasons of grief, or care for a family member, dear friend, or neighbor when they are grieving. In this article, I want to explore with you three ways that you might use this upcoming seminar as an opportunity for spiritual growth and ministry.


Opportunity #1: To gain Bible-based wisdom to aid in processing our own grief.

Grief can be like an invisible weight we carry. Many of us process grief on our own and often feel unequipped and alone. The Journey through Grief seminar will provide timeless wisdom from God’s word that will help to inform how we can process, navigate, and understand our own grief. In this, we will find tools to help us cope with loss and the pain that often follows.

Opportunity #2: To gain Bible-based wisdom to aid in helping a family member, friend, or neighbor process their grief.

Perhaps grief is currently something that is absent from your personal life, but you are aware of a family member, friend, or neighbor who has recently suffered loss in their life. Attending the seminar for their benefit, so that you can gain tools to help you love and care for them, is a great way to use this seminar as a ministry opportunity. You might even consider inviting a friend, coworker, or neighbor who is grieving to come along with you, and if the Lord lays it on your heart, perhaps to remove a potential obstacle, you might even consider paying for their registration.

Opportunity #3: To gain Bible-based wisdom to aid in your understanding of how people grieve, and how grief impacts and affects different people in different ways.

For one who is not currently grieving, and may not know of anyone who is, then this seminar provides the opportunity to grow in your own understanding of how loss and the grief that follows affects and impacts different people in different ways. Paul, in his letter to the people of God in Galatia, instructs that we are to, “bear one another’s burdens.” (Gal. 6:2) Attending Journey through Grief is a tangible and practical way that you can learn how to both sympathize and empathize with a person the Lord brings into your life who is grieving.

Our hope is that you will strongly consider participating with us on Saturday morning November 6th, from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM as together we gain wisdom related to processing our own grief, helping a loved one navigate theirs, or gain a better understanding overall of how grief affects and impacts people in different ways. We are looking forward to this time together as we Journey through Grief with our partners in the gospel from both Wesley Church in Quarryville, and H*VMI in Akron. Along with the great teaching from Tim Sheetz, and the provided seminar workbook, your registration will include coffee, light refreshments, and a grab-n-go lunch at the conclusion of our time together. Registration is now open, and you can register to attend at either location online at https://calvarymonument.org/journey-through-grief. We look forward to learning how you used this opportunity to grow in your love for God and one another. See you on November 6th!