10 Ways to Pray for the Crisis in Ukraine

Pastor Chris Lenhart | February 28, 2022

  1. Pray that God’s name would be magnified, and that through this crisis he would make himself known to many.
  2. Pray for peace, and that those who participate in injustice would repent and turn to God.
  3. Pray for strength and perseverance, protection and provision for the Ukrainian people, their families, and their loved ones.
  4. Pray for the Ukrainian Church, that they would shine as salt and light, that their testimony would be that of unshakable courage and resilience.
  5. Pray for the Ukrainian Army, that they would be able to adequately defend, protect, and uphold their country.
  6. Pray for Ukrainians scattered throughout the world and the Ukrainian Church in America, that they would find comfort and refuge as their hearts break for their people and country.
  7. Pray for the enemies of Ukraine and those who desire to take, conquer, invade, and destroy. Pray that there would be conviction and repentance, a turning from their evil, a thwarting of their plans.
  8. Pray for those Russians who are peacefully yet actively attempting to subvert their government leaders who are intending to do evil. We have seen peaceful anti-war protests within Russia and have also heard reports of Russian soldiers who are refusing to fight.
  9. Pray for the Christian Church in Russia, that they would not be overcome by evil, but rather, they would overcome evil by doing good.
  10. Pray for our country men and women, along with all global workers for the gospel, who are serving in Ukraine and Russia.